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Our Subsidiaries

YHY Intelligent Group Sdn Bhd is the Head Quarters for all the sub companies of the group. It is the company who do all the management part of their subsidiaries. It has 7 sub companies all together under one management.

YHY Business Center Sdn Bhd

YHY Business Center Sdn Bhd is one of YHY Intelligent Group subs. The major business is Food & Beverage. Aside from that, it also provides transportation service.

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YHY Logistic & Services Company

The major business of the company is accommodation and services

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YHY General Trading Sdn Bhd

Another subs for YHY Intelligent Group is YHY General Trading Sdn Bhd. The company run a food court and accommodation business.

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Impressive Key Sdn Bhd

One of YHY Intelligent Group subs is Impressive Key Sdn Bhd. The company only business for the time being is bar & bistro cafe. The name given to the bistro cafe is Ocean Beach.

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K & Y Ideal Construction Sdn Bhd

The company is one of the new construction company in Bintulu. Provide not only construction service, but also general worker and equipment services.

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Gemilang Eradamai Sdn Bhd

Gemilang Eradamai Sdn Bhd is another sub company of YHY Intelligent Group that provide accommodation and services as the major business. The accommodation is currently under construction.

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Cahaya Hartaniaga Sdn Bhd

Cahaya Hartaniaga Sdn Bhd also one of YHY Intelligent Group subsidiary. The company business is accommodation and services too. The accommodation is still in progress.

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About Us

YHY Intelligent Group Sdn Bhd is the Head Quarters for all the subsidiaries companies under its management. The company's owner is Mr. Yap Hai Yong, a young and successful enterpreneur. He has been in the business industry for more than 10 years.

Management &
Food & Beverage

Starting with the Cybercafe business on the age of 19 years old, he also enrolled in timber business for 4 years. Then, starting the Food & Beverage business with the opening of K-Bar Boston for 3 years together with HY Food court. He also owned 6 Shop lot at Samalaju, which business are cybercafe, beer garden, two shop lot of foodcourt and two shop lot of reflexology center. Since August 2012, he has opened the BBQ & Stemboat restaurant. Followed by Ocean Beach Bar & Bistro on December 2013 and the latest outlet is Check-In KTV Lounge music cafe. Aside from that, the company will start with the Property Investment business.

The company's line of business can be summarised as above diagram as of the subsidiaries business. The major business is Food & Beverage, followed by Accommodation services. Other than that, the constructions business as well as services which include transportation rental, cleaning services and equipments rental.

Contact Us

Find our office today or reach us via the prefered contact listed below. View Larger Map

No. 490, Lot 4213,1st Floor,
Phase 6, Parkcity Commerce Square,
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi,
9700 Bintulu, Sarawak
Fax : 086-315775

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